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My Butterfly Collection: On the Wings of the Butterfly

My Butterfly Collection is a gentle blend of art, photography, and writing. It features the art of David Singer, Stephen Haines Hall, Joan Danziger, Edda Clasen, Helen Webber, Norie Huddle, Gena Galenski, and others; the outstanding photography of Kjell B. Sandved; and the writings of David Brower, David Seaborg, Liam O'Brien, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Robert Michael Pyle, and others. The book also includes ways to say butterfly in many languages, basics of butterfly gardening, details about Monarch butterflies, and much more.

Monarch Butterflies Video

Save Monarch Butterflies Video was created to raise awareness of the plight of Monarch butterflies.
See now on You Tube- Save Monarch Butterfly Plant Milkweed Video

“The health of the planet rests on the wings of the butterfly”

Dr. Toy's Smart Play: How to Select and Use the Best Toys & Games

The 4th edition- Updated. expandedm comprehensive guide for selecting best toys, games, and children's products, understanding child’s play from baby to older children, and developing the "Play Quotient" (PQ). Helps navigate options, evaluate educational, age-appropriate toys, and supports play as a life-long, nurturing experience; plus 200 easily accessible activities. Perfect for consumers (parents, grandparents. teachers) and anyone in the toy industry ( designers, executives to sales).

Rationale for Child Care Services Programs vs Politics. Volume One

This volume presents a cogent introduction to the history, needs, and major concerns in child care, suggests the basic and essential components of a comprehensive program including planning, organizing and funding.

Model Programs and Components Volume Two.

This volume focuses on planning and implementation of model programs and presents necessary steps to achieve a comprehensive and practical service to the community including health, food, social and psychological services and local experiences in Appalachia, California, Colorado and Oregon.

Creative Homes and Centers Volume Three

This volume views child care as an integral, vital, and comprehensive service for all families; infant care, family homes and centers; focusing on specific required services including licensing, location, extent of services, design and environment for learning and playing for young children, and quality controls.

Special Needs and Services Volume Four

This volume examines and supports parent participation, training programs, role of play in the physical, mental and social development of children, and community involvement as the basis for effective child care programs. Includes perspectives from different cultures and needs when considering the delivery of services.

Confronting the Child Care Crisis Volume Five

This volume includes an outstanding, historically important analysis of childcare dynamics and practical guidebook for change is essential reading about unmet needs of childcare. Based on years of personal, professional experience, facts and problems show how inadequate childcare significantly contributes to a national dilemma of increased family stress.

Choosing Childcare: Finding and Keeping the Best Childcare Arrangements

Covers trends, knowing your needs and needs of your child, understanding the choices and how to select what is best, pros and cons of different childcare arrangements, basic questions to ask to get more information, planning a budget, gathering resources, schedules, and other essentials, making workable arrangements and being involved, knowing your child is happy and how to manage the adjustments, handy checklists and much more.

The Contest: A Novel

Shelly Stern is an attractive, divorced mother living in Washington, D.C. during the tumultuous 1960s. While other young women are burning bras, heading for Woodstock or taking up civil rights, Shelly is in a dull green government office working on educating poor children, and making a difference in childcare so single mothers can work without worrying. Her job and three-year-old daughter Alison gives her little social life. Shelly meets handsome and charismatic Dr. Doug Fine, a pediatrician from California at a meeting on health care for "Head Start." Doug is attracted to Shelly and begins a long distance romance between Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. When President Nixon vetoes the childcare bill that Shelly had poured several years into seeing come to fruition, she heads to California to begin her work on her PhD and to be closer to Doug. A miscommunication at the apartment she rented forces her to stay with Doug for a few days. Soon the whole household is dependent on Shelly and the two families began relationship Shelly calls a perfect "blendship." After two years of living together and hiring an array of lovable, crazy housekeepers and meeting interesting colleagues, friends, pets, and colorful neighbors, Doug and Shelly marry. The marriage begins a roller coaster ride that has more inclines and dips than the hilly streets of San Francisco. Come with Shelly as she remembers her story that like the sun rose in the east and set in the west, and find out why she entered, "The Contest".