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Special Needs and Services Volume Four

Foreword by Jeanette Watson, Former Director, Early Childhood Development Division. Texas Department of Community Affairs

This volume examines and supports parent participation, training programs, role of play in the physical, mental and social development of children, and community involvement as the basis for effective child care programs. Includes perspectives from different cultures and needs when considering the delivery of services.

Contributors include Docia Zavitkovsky, Ida M Bucher, Francione Lewis, Lucille Gold, Carol Hardrove, Dollie Wolverton, Elsa Ten Broeck, Lottie Rosen, James A. Johnson, Jr., Oscar Uribe, Mila Pascual, Roderick Auyang, Daniel Safran, Patricia Siegel, Dr Joan M. Bergstrom, Gwen Morgan and Dr Stevanne Auerbach.