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My Butterfly Collection: On the Wings of the Butterfly

My Butterfly Collection is a gentle blend of art, photography, and writing. It features the art of David Singer, Stephen Haines Hall, Joan Danziger, Edda Clasen, Helen Webber, Norie Huddle, Gena Galenski, and others; the outstanding photography of Kjell B. Sandved; and the writings of David Brower, David Seaborg, Liam O'Brien, Paul and Anne Ehrlich, Robert Michael Pyle, and others. The book also includes ways to say butterfly in many languages, basics of butterfly gardening, details about Monarch butterflies, and much more.

The author of My Butterfly Collection shares her inspiration- “I have been fascinated by butterflies since childhood, observing them in gardens, parks, and countryside, in and near my home in New York City; I had a special encounter with a Painted Lady butterfly in the Sierras which launched writing a parable that begins the book, and then later became an activist on behalf of protecting the Mission Blue butterfly, and its habitat, when I lived near Twin Peaks in San Francisco in 1979. I formed an organization, Butterfly Lovers International, to create greater awareness and support as I gathered information for the book, collected a great array of butterfly objects, and catalogued a library of artifacts and resources. Unfortunately, a devastating fire changed everything. When I found the charred manuscript a few years ago in a file cabinet I began again.”

My Butterfly Collection marks the author’s 16th publication. They range from books on parenting, child care, Smart Play/ Smart Toys to The Contest, a novel, a screenplay, and poetry. She shares her enthusiasm for butterflies, and a deep, committed passion to assure their survival. She is greatly concerned for the well-being of our delicate planet, and wishes to remind others that butterflies are sensitive indicators of a healthy balance in nature. She suggests creating butterfly gardens using native plants that attract local butterflies, and other important activities.