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Monarch Butterflies Video

Monarch Butterflies Video
See now on You Tube- Save Monarch Butterfly /Plant Milkweed Video

Poetry Music and Video Credits Save Monarch Butterflies Video credits • Monarch Butterfly Dreams Poem- Stevanne Auerbach www.stevanneauerbach.com • Monarch Butterfly Waltz Composer- Thomas Schoenberger www.thomasschoenberger.com • Monarch Video Images- Pond5 • Save Monarch Butterflies Video Production- Jai Jai Noire www.jaijai. com • Monarch Photos- Tony Gomez www.monarchbutterflygarden.net

Currently I am working to complete a book, The Butterfly Collection, devoted to metamorphosis- transformation of ourselves, the art of butterflies, and how to protect and nurture Monarchs and other butterflies, and the flowers they feed on and pollinate

Butterflies have always been of great interest, a passion, and source of fascination. I have been actively involved in protecting butterflies, learning more about their life cycles, how to create butterfly gardens—both the nectar/food and larval/egg depositing plants, and learning more about how to protect them.

Monarch Butterflies survival includes awareness and protection of the habitat for the Monarchs Butterflies (migration path includes Easter Canada, through the United States and wintering in trees in the mountains of Mexico).

Monarchs have made this complex 2000 mile journey despite many challenges for thousands of years.

Now, however, the Monarch population is alarmingly smaller. Their habitat is in danger due to the use of pesticides, clearing of Milkweed, their larval plant and nectar plants, cutting down trees they winter in, and other serious changes detrimental to survival

Save Monarch Butterflies Video was created to raise awareness of the plight of Monarch butterflies.

“The health of the planet rests on the wings of the butterfly”

Monarch Butterfly Dreams©

Faded time extends back
Gently unfolds ancient shadows
Unspoken memories of millions of monarchs
Shimmering wings
Soft, slippery, slivers of light.
Shaped illusions of past moments
Travel quietly on your endless journey
Over mountains and valleys
Fragile reflections of gentle love
Shared time beyond
butterfly kissed days.
warm wings fluttering on the clouds.
Moving. changing. searching.
Soft quiet immersion
Ripple tenderly over water’s edge.
Over vanishing fields of Milkweed
To trees high in Mexican Mountains
Struggle for survival
Who hears your cries or
sees your orange and black flapping wings?
We do! We do! We do!

© 2014 Stevanne Auerbach, San Francisco, CA