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Model Programs and Their Components Volume Two

Foreword by Congressman John Brademas, former President of New York University.

This volume focuses on planning and implementation of model programs and presents necessary steps to achieve a comprehensive and practical service to the community including health, food, social and psychological services and local experiences in Appalachia, California, Colorado and Oregon.

Contributors include James A. Levine, Helen L. Gordon, Jean H. Berman, Kathleen B. Latham, Kay Martin,, Mary Millman, Mary W. Vlack, Ramon D. Blatt, Paul T. Barnes, Dr. Ann De Huff Peters, Dr Susan S Aronson, Marilyn Chow, Dorothy N. Shack, David Brown, Keith R. Alward, Linda Regele-Sinclair, Christoph M, Heinicke, Dr David Friedman, Dr Elizabeth Prescott, Conchita Puncel, and June Solnit Sale.