Stevanne Auerbach

Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D.
268 Bush Street
San Francisco, CA 94104

non fiction
My Butterfly Collection is a personal journey from an encounter with a Painted Lady butterfly in the Sierras to the protection of the fragile Mission Blue butterfly on Twin Peaks in San Francisco, experiencing the power and majesty of the Monarch butterfly and other butterflies, the rationale for protecting them, and promoting butterfly gardening as one important contribution to help maintain their survival.
Poetry Music and Video Credits Save Monarch Butterflies Video credits Monarch Butterfly Dreams Poem- Stevanne Auerbach Monarch Butterfly Waltz Music- Thomas Schoenberger Monarch Video Images- Pond5 Save Monarch Butterflies Video Production- Jai Jai Noire www.jaijai. com Monarch Photos- Tony Gomez
Unique guide to play and child development from baby to older children. Published in English and in 12 other languages.
This volume presents a cogent introduction to the history, needs, and major concerns in child care, suggests the basic and essential components of a comprehensive program including planning, organizing and funding.
This volume focuses on planning and implementation of model programs and presents necessary steps to achieve a comprehensive and practical service to the community including health, food, social and psychological services and local experiences in Appalachia, California, Colorado and Oregon.
This volume views child care as an integral, vital, and comprehensive service for all families; infant care, family homes and centers; focusing on specific required services including licensing, location, extent of services, design and environment for learning and playing for young children, and quality controls.
This volume examines and supports parent participation, training programs, role of play in the physical, mental and social development of children, and community involvement as the basis for effective child care programs. Includes perspectives from different cultures and needs when considering the delivery of services.
This volume includes an outstanding, historically important analysis of childcare dynamics and practical guidebook for change is essential reading about unmet needs of childcare. Based on years of personal, professional experience, facts and problems show how inadequate childcare significantly contributes to a national dilemma of increased family stress.
The original guide, now revised and updated, to assist parents in selecting quality childcare services, and help in searching to locate the perfect solution. Includes practical suggestions with many community resources, helpful questions to ask and checklists to evaluate choices, alternatives and tips for making it all work.
Story of marriage, stepfamilies, love and fidelity as Shelly pursues her dreams, service to society, committed relationship, children, and balancing everything. Marriage begins a roller coaster ride with more inclines and dips than the hilly streets of San Francisco. Find out why Shelly entered, "The Contest".